About Us

Before launching our own website in 2013 we had previously been trading on eBay for about 12 years where we have achieved 100% feedback from just under 5000 ratings, and we aim to maintain that high level of service here on our own site. (we currently no longer trade on eBay)

We are keen collectors ourselves and many of the items here originate from 'doubles' in our own collection. Wherever we can we give credit to the publisher or photographer of the item. We are also building up our own range of photos.
We are gradually increasing our range and more items are added on an almost daily basis!
Please note that the images on this site are scans of the actual items not digital uploads direct from a camera, some therefore may show effects from the scanner.

The ship-rex postcards and photos cachet does not appear on the actual items.

All images may be copyright to their original owner, please respect this.

Items are described as used unless they have been produced for us or purchased from the publisher with the object of resale. (Used in the sense that they are pre-owned, not necessarily that they have been written on or posted.)