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Victor Suthren - Royal Yankee - paperback

Paperback published by Grafton Books, 1989,  ISBN 0586204296

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Between 1739 and 1748, Britain fought the Spanish and then the French, their fleets and armies clashing in almost every theater of war from America to the Indian Ocean and the battlefields of Europe. Royal Yankee introduces Edward Mainwaring, a young seafarer destined to be caught up in this war - in its violent combat, its rough camaraderie, its acts of courage, and its feats of strategy.Mainwaring is a "provincial," born in Massachusetts, and a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. The year 1739 finds him and the crew of his fast Bermudan schooner Athena in the Caribbean, preparing to join Vice-Admiral Vernon's attack on the massively defended harbor of Porto Bello.Royal Yankee is the story of Mainwaring's part in a great battle, of his duel of wills with the implacable Frenchman Roche-Bourbon, of his love for the beautiful Anne Brixham - a fighting planter's daughter and a match for most men - and his daring leadership of a loyal crew in a series of perilous adventures.Written with a terrific verve and a historian's eye for detail, Victor Suthren's fine novel sings with the sense of sea and sail.

Paperback published by Grafton Books, 1989, 
ISBN 0586204296
Good condition, Slight yellowing to page edges, some wear to spine

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Brand: Grafton Books
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